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Oh ya

Oh yea oh yea oh yea this shit is friends only.

Fucking shoot me.

Jesus Christ.

Greg is the most irritating human being alive. I swear to God. He does this thing where he'll text you the most ridiculous shit (or at least, I know he does this to me, so he probably does it to others)... And he just does it to get a response, any response. If you don't answer, his messages only escalate in WTFery. It would be sad, really, if he wasn't the world's biggest douche bag.

It started off with some crap that I don't even remember, and I am sure I deleted. Then a couple of weeks ago, he send me something like, "I was feeling down the other day, until I thought about what you said about being on the top of the food chain! Now I feel great!"

My memory sucks, but I know I have no sayings about being at the top of the food chain. He just wanted me to ask what he was talking about.

After that I started saving them because they are just ridiculous.

5 February 2009 - 3:12 pm
Hey sara could u do me a big favor and pray to help me find my cabage patch kid doll sara thats her name just like yours i havent seen her in 8 or 9 years and i miss her so much!

15 February 2008 - 11:50 am
my "adams" degree is confusing... I thought i was just gay and then i thought- i was bi then straight but bicurious but im exactly like [you]... There are some women im attracted to and would have sex with and consider a relationship, but ultimately id much prefer being with a guy
well actually [your] male counterpart...

1:25 pm
Life is like a puzzle you find the pieces and put them togther if a piece doesn't fit don't force it find where it belongs and put it in the right spot- Gregory Y Wong February 15th 2009

Yes, he actually quoted himself, and even considerably included the date, just in case I am compiling a book of the greatest generic sayings ever uttered by complete fucking assholes.

X-Files fanfic: No Accident of Birth

Revision of my first X-Files fanfic in a long, long time.

(Late Christmas fic, I guess!)

Title: No Accident of Birth
Author: Ms. Krebstar
Rating: R for language and sexy tiems
Summary: Through the eyes of Tara Scully...
Keywords: MSR, RST
Disclaimer: Oh, I wish I did. But I don't.
Archive: Anywhere crazy enough to house it. Just let me know.
Feedback: mskrebstar [ at ] gmail.com... All constructive criticism welcome with open arms! The beginning feels weak to me :/


That bastard...Collapse )

Last one

Just found this.

Need to redraw it.

And correct the grammar.

Oh my god.

Apparently, there is an alternate reality Israel made just for tourists, and it is completely violence free.